MHG Wolf Practice

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Date(s) - 06/15/19
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sackrider Hill


Practice small team tactics for Wolf participation. . Start by going over basic Wolf token and contact rules, pace calibration and compass / coordinate refresh if needed. Then move out with full Wolf pack where we will patrol to a location to test your quick set up and break down of a mock camp. This includes; formation of camp and you’re sleeping setup (lean-to, one man bevy or low hanging hammock only). While we do this, we will try to reduce our noise and site footprint. Then break down and repack. We will leave packs (or store with radio station) to break into two man teams were we will navigate and maneuver without being heard or seen to predetermine points (IFP) while communicating progress. Report taking using a form of LAT and MHG report record system for any teams spotting another team (team After finding the first of two IFP’s, Link up with another team and finish course jointly. Suggested Full Wolf Pack; water and food for two nights, equipment for your sleeping area, change of shirt and socks, red light, any tools needed for two night camping (small Ax, etc), Bug juice, rain cover, day snacks, camera (sure-shot type), extra batteries and or solar charger to sustain electronics needed for your report poof. Maps with team IFP’s will be provided.

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