The process to become a member follows. If you only wish to be a friend of the MHG or would like to follow the MHG, please join our Facebook page (Friends of the Michigan Home Guard) found by clicking the Facebook icon at the bottom of the page.

1. Request to join our Friends of the Michigan Home Guard Facebook page. ( ) You will be contacted by a member of command within a day or two. You will need to accept their friend request and answer a short amount of questions. You will then be added to the Friends page.

2- Take the pledge

3- Complete 90 day probation

4- Attend 2 training’s within the 90 day probation period and complete weekly roll calls as directed by command.


Aspiring members must request membership by officially pledging. To pledge, candidates must make their intention to join the Michigan Home Guard known by either verbally reciting the pledge to a ranking member of MHG or more commonly, present a written version of the pledge to a ranking member. Written pledges can be given to a ranking member in a physical form, either typed or handwritten, but more commonly, candidates pledge online by addressing the entire Michigan Home Guard and posting the pledge on an open forum such as Facebook. When pledging to become a Michigan Home Guard member, you are expected to use the official pledge shown below, only changing the appropriate portions to fit your personalized information.


I, (your name) of (your county) County, formally request membership into The Michigan Home Guard. I understand that this request requires me to complete a minimum of two trainings in my 90 day probationary period. At such time, a vote will be taken for full membership. I also understand being a Michigan Home Guard member takes dedication and commitment. I embrace this obligation voluntarily and without any reservations.

(The date you filled this out/Pledge date)

(Candidate’s name)

During Pledging

As a candidate who has pledged, you are expected to train a minimum of two times within 90 days of your pledge date and complete weekly roll calls thru your chain of command. 

Attending Events

All events are posted on the Friends of Michigan Home guard Facebook page. All events are open to anyone wishing to come and gear is never required. Location, time, recommended gear and description of the training will all be listed on the event page for the event. Please be on time, and ready for the days training. If you ever have a question about an event please contact your chain of command or the event host.

Roll Call

Roll calls are conducted weekly mostly on the friends page for those pledging. If you wish you may roll call via text or by calling your chain of command. 

After Probation Period

Once your 90 day probationary period is up, command will vote. Provided you have met or exceeded the minimum attendance requirement and have demonstrated the character and traits of quality Michigan Home Guard member, you will be accepted and receive your official MHG patch at the next training you attend. From that point on, you are required to make the weekly roll call and attend a minimum of two training’s per quarter to remain a member. If your do not meet those requirements, you will no longer be considered a member and may have to go through the probationary period again. Unlike many other groups, there are no “dues” to pay or “annual membership fees”.

Once becoming a member your journey has just began! There are always things to learn, ways to grow yourself and your family and things to do for the betterment of the group, the community, and our great state.