Who We Are:

Deeply rooted in the love of our country, the Michigan Home Guard is a homeland defense force training to protect the Constitution and the people of the United States of America and the State of Michigan. We are a nonpartisan, nondiscriminatory unit, comprised of people from diverse backgrounds and dedicated to supporting our communities.

We are fathers and mothers; sons and daughters; we hold jobs, we have hobbies; we are Patriots and we are family. Some are veterans, firefighters, medics, and police officers. Members ages range from 18-60+. Each of us is dedicated to train at least once per month in preparation for tyranny, social discord and natural disaster. We are the Michigan Home Guard.

Why Join:

Would you enjoy belonging to a group of like minded individuals that share similar interests? Are you interested in educating yourself and acquiring skills such as self defense and first aid? Would you consider yourself a patriot? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the Michigan Home Guard may be right for you. Conflict and natural disaster are generally unpredictable. Cyber attacks, terrorism, economic collapse, pandemics, and severe weather are all reasons why the members of the Michigan Home Guard train and prepare.

What We Offer:

We offer numerous training’s each month around the state. In both 2018 and 2019 we offered roughly 140 training’s thru out Michigan. We realize not everyone wants to shoot and run an gun therefor we strive to have a place for everyone to thrive offering training’s in all of the following and specialty paths for those that choose to follow one.

• Tactical exercises
• Self and team preparedness
• Survival techniques
• Firearm skills
• HAM radio operations
• First aid and CPR
• Self defense

We do this in an effort to be prepared to serve our communities in times of civil unrest, natural disaster, tyranny, or anything that could disrupt the lives of Americans and Michiganders.

Where We Are:

Michigan Home Guard is broken into 6 districts across the state.
•Superior •North East •North West •Central •East •West

Each district is broken into 18 sectors. The sectors contain a minimum of 3 counties with the largest sector composed of 7 counties.
•Sup 1-3 •NE 1-3 •NW 1-3 •C 1-3 •E 1-3 •W 1-3

Join now:

If the Michigan Home Guard sounds like something you would enjoy, start the process by clicking the how to join tab at the top, come to a training, get to know us and let us meet you!